Spawned from the dark end of a Sambuca bottle back in the drunken haze that was to be the start of the 21st century, the "worlds deadliest covers band" the Flaming Sambucas burst onto the UK cover band scene with their inimitable style of high energy Rock and Pop covers. The original line-up consisted of Steve Edwards on vocals, Dan Cunningham on Bass Guitar, Andrew " OZ" Wright on Lead guitar, Piers Hall on Drums and Chris "Link" Watson on Rhythm Guitar. Alas this original line up was to be short lived as Steve was soon to be offered a Single deal with an Italian record company and went off to pursue his own career and we are pleased to say with some success reaching No.23 in the Italian charts. This turn of events brought about the current band line up when Ex World Gone Crazy/ Stealer frontman and long time friend of the band Tony Farwell joined the ranks. Today (6 years later at the time of writing) and with hundreds of gigs under the belt and around three hours worth of material ranging from James Brown, Stevie Wonder, the Stones and the Eagles through to Rage Against The Machine,  The Darkness and Guns and Roses and encompassing various genres of music including Funk, Reggae, Soul and of course ROCK!!! The Flaming Sambucas have become the band to see. Check out our gig listings page and your local press to see when the "WORLDS DEADLIEST COVERS BAND" is playing at a venue near you.

Sample Set List