On Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals : -


Oz is a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music (Guildford) and is now a full time guitar teacher. Having been playing in bands from an early age Oz has a distinctive sound and is definitely able to "ROCK" with the best of them. Watch out for "Head On" Oz's Originals band and of course his blistering guitar solos.

Oz plays Gibson and PRS Guitars, Peavey 5150/Marshall 800 Amp heads and Marshall cab. (Click here to view Oz's guitar rig)

On Rhythm Guitar and Backing vocals: -

Chris "Link" Watson

Previously with Thawn (Originally a songwriting partnership and acoustic act with ex Sambuca frontman Steve Edwards with highlights including auditioning for a Japanese record company and playing an acoustic set at the Astoria, London. This partnership was soon to expand into a band and included Sambuca bass player Dan Cunningham in the line up) other bands have included Stealer (with current frontman Tony Farwell and Sambuca Drummer Piers Hall) and trouble in a bubble acoustic duo. Watch out for the Vileda mop hairdo, smouldering goatee beard after his fire breathing antics with sambuca and of course Chris's classic rock rhythm sound.`

Chris plays Les Paul Guitars and Rivera Amps (click here to view Chris's guitar rig)

On Bass Guitar: -

Dan "the bass man" Cunningham

With many years of playing behind him and appearing in band line-ups including The Shock (voted best un-signed band in Kerrang a few years back and with air play on Radio 1), Wild at Heart and Thawn (with ex Sambuca Frontman Steve Edwards and Current Guitarist Chris Watson). . Watch out for his punchy bass sound and on stage antics!!!!

Dan Plays Warwick bass guitars and SWR amps. Dan also has a sponsorship deal with Stella Artois !!!

On Vocals and Harmonica: -

Tony "Bonez" Farwell

Ex founder member and frontman of hard hitting bands World Gone Crazy (With airplay on Radio1 battle of the bands) and Stealer (with fellow band members Piers and Chris ) Tony is also a singer/ songwriter and often plays his acoustic set at venues around the South of England.

On Drums: -

Piers Hall

Piers has played in various bands including Thabani, Little Wonder (playing out in Singapore for several months), Stealer (with fellow band members Tony and Chris) as well as various session appearances and dep. work. Piers has auditioned for the likes of " Robbie Williams" and "Jamiroquai" and currently helps run Drum Wright drum and percussion centre in reading. Watch out if he gets near a microphone (Stand up Comedy time!!!) and of course for those hard hitting drum fills.

Piers plays DW drums, Zildjian cymbals and the fool regularly!!